Esther’s Centennial Celebration: A Year of Nostalgia and Joy

7th December, 2023

Esther Jones welcomes her 100th year with open arms, surrounded by the love of her family. In a heart-warming gesture, her family has planned a series of events throughout the year, each dedicated to something she has cherished during her lifetime. One such event, a trip down memory lane to her beloved lawn bowls, turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

During her life, Esther spent countless hours playing lawn bowls, a sport she adores.

On 2nd September, Esther’s family took her to the Borough of Croydon finals held at Shirley Park Bowls Club, a venue brimming with memories from her bowling days. The surprise event was carefully orchestrated to bring Esther back to the heart of a sport that had been a significant part of her life.

The day unfolded with warmth and jubilation as the club’s president honoured Esther with a heartfelt speech. The home team, recognizing Esther’s contribution to the sport, presented her with flowers before the matches began.

Throughout the afternoon, players from all the teams, along with the president, made an enormous fuss over Esther. The genuine care and attention showered upon her ensured that she not only felt special but also relished every moment of the day. It was a collective effort to make Esther’s visit to the club a truly memorable experience.

Adding to the joy of the day was the participation of a family friend, Norman Ross, in the Scratchley Trophy. The excitement peaked as Norman’s team featuring Matt Lodge, John Kennedy and Wayne Kavanagh emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious trophy. The shared joy of victory enhanced Esther’s already memorable day.

As Esther basks in the joy of her centenary celebration, the day at Shirley Park Bowls Club stands out as a highlight. Each event planned throughout the year is a testament to the love and thoughtfulness that surrounds Esther on this momentous occasion. Happy 100th birthday, Esther!


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