The European Bowls Championship is a biennial continental lawn bowls tournament for European nations, organised by the European Bowls Union (EBU). Three events are held; Men’s Pairs, Ladies Pairs and Mixed Fours, in which gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded. The overall Team Champions are determined based on a points system.

The tournament was established so it enabled smaller countries in Europe to participate competitively against other more established bowls-playing countries, maintaining the EBU’s prinicple aim, which is to foster and develop the sport of lawn bowls throughout Europe.

The first championship was held in 1997, with financial help from the Guernsey Tourist Board. The format of the championship has changed throughout the tournament’s history.

England Roll of Honour

Year Host  Medals
2015 Israel (Ramat Gan BC) Gold – Women’s Pairs – Amy Stanton and Rebecca Field
Gold – Mixed Fours – Amy Stanton, Rebecca Field, Ashley Caress and Alex Walton
Gold – Overall Team
Bronze – Men’s Pairs – Ashley Caress and Alex Walton
2013 Spain (Emerald Isle BC and
San Miguel BC)
Gold – Mixed Fours – Wendy King, Jamie-Lea Winch, Robert Paxton and Jamie Walker
Gold – Overall Team
Silver – Women’s Pairs – Jamie-Lea Winch and Wendy King
2011 Portugal (Vilamoura BC) Silver – Men’s Pairs – Tristan Morton and Richard Catton
Silver – Women’s Pairs – Lorraine Kuhler and Annalisa Bellamy
Silver – Overall Team – Lorraine Kuhler, Annalisa Bellamy, Tristan Morton and Richard Catton
2009 Cyprus (Athena Beach) Silver – Overall Team – Mo Monkton, Sue Davies, Simon Skelton and Nick Brett
Bronze – Men’s Singles – Nick Brett
2007 Cyprus (Athena Beach) Gold – Women’s Singles – Catherine Popple
Gold – Overall Individual – Catherine Popple
Gold – Overall Team – Mo Monkton, Catherine Popple, Simon Skelton and Nick Brett
Silver – Men’s Pairs – Simon Skelton and Nick Brett
Bronze – Women’s Singles – Mo Monkton
2005 Portugal (Vilamoura BC)
2003 Portugal (Vilamoura BC)
2001 Jersey (Les Creux BC)
1999 Jersey (Les Creux BC)
1997 Guernsey
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