Hat-trick of victories at Four Nations events

31st July, 2021

England continued to dominate proceedings at Victoria Park with three 6-2 victories throughout the day.

Session 1: England bt Scotland 6-2

Following yesterday’s rain at Victoria Park, an amendment to the schedule was made, with England facing Scotland in the opening match of the day – securing victories in the Women’s Pairs, Women’s Triples and Men’s Fours.

Jamie-Lea Winch, Lorraine Kuhler and Natalie Chestney had an impressive 10-shot victory over Dee Hoggan, Claire Anderson and Caroline Brown, with Katherine Rednall and Amy Gowshall also securing the win in the Women’s Pairs – a 17-15 victory over Lesley Doig and Lauren Baillie-Whyte.

In the Men’s event, Louis Ridout, Ed Morris, Nick Brett and Jamie Walker enjoyed a narrow two-shot victory over Ronnie Duncan, Jason Banks, Derek Oliver and Paul Foster MBE, whilst Jamie Chestney had a tough encounter with Iain McLean – losing out 21-12.

Match Scores vs Scotland:
Men’s Singles: Jamie Chestney 12-21 Iain McLean
Women’s Pairs: Katherine Rednall & Amy Gowshall 17-15 Lesley Doig & Lauren Baillie-Whyte
Women’s Triples: Jamie-Lea Winch, Lorraine Kuhler & Natalie Chestney 20-10 Dee Hoggan, Claire Anderson & Caroline Brown
Men’s Fours: Louis Ridout, Ed Morris, Nick Brett & Jamie Walker 13-11 Ronnie Duncan, Jason Banks, Derek Oliver & Paul Foster MBE

Session 2: England bt Ireland 6-2

England secured wins on both women’s disciplines against Ireland, with the sole defeat in session two also coming in the Men’s Singles.

Devon’s Sophie Tolchard and Natalie Chestney teamed up in the Women’s Pairs to defeat the young Irish pairing of Lara Reaney and Shauna O’Neill. In the Women’s Triples, 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medallists Katherine Rednall, Ellen Falkner MBE and Sian Honnor teamed up to defeat Courtney Meneely, Chloe Wilson and Catherine Beattie in a tight contest.

In the men’s disciplines, victory was secured in the Men’s Fours with a 12-shot victory, with Sam Tolchard losing out to Adam McKeown.

Match Scores vs Ireland:
Men’s Singles: Sam Tolchard 16-21 Adam McKeown
Women’s Pairs: Sophie Tolchard & Natalie Chestney 22-14 Lara Reaney & Shauna O’Neill
Women’s Triples: Katherine Rednall, Ellen Falkner MBE & Sian Honnor 15-13 Courtney Meneely, Chloe Wilson & Catherine Beattie
Men’s Fours: Louis Ridout, Ed Morris, Nick Brett & Jamie Chestney 22-10 Aaron Tennant, Andy Kyle, Simon Martin & Martin McHugh

Session 3: England bt Wales 6-2

It was a hat-trick of 6-2 victories for England, with the Pairs, Triples and Fours disciplines all winning for the third time.

Both the Men’s Pairs, with England represented by Jamie Walker and Sam Tolchard, and the Men’s Triples, which saw Louis Ridout, Nick Brett and Jamie Chestney team up, had great wins.

Jamie-Lea Winch, Ellen Falkner MBE, Sian Honnor and Amy Gowshall defeated the strong Welsh quartet of Laura Daniels, Katie Thomas, Caroline Taylor & Anwen Butten by three-shots.

England’s only loss came in the Women’s Singles, with Natalie Chestney losing out to Mel Thomas.

Match Scores vs Wales:
Women’s Singles: Natalie Chestney 11-21 Mel Thomas
Men’s Pairs: Jamie Walker & Sam Tolchard 18-12 Martin Clarke-Squires & Ross Owen
Men’s Triples: Louis Ridout, Nick Brett & Jamie Chestney 24-11 Owain Dando, Daniel Salmon & Chris Klefenz
Women’s Fours: Jamie-Lea Winch, Ellen Falkner MBE, Sian Honnor & Amy Gowshall 15-12 Laura Daniels, Katie Thomas, Caroline Taylor & Anwen Butten


Play also continued in the para disciplines, with results listed below:

Session One:
Jennie Sandford & Gill Platt 13-10 Rob Jones & Chris Spriggs (Wales)
Steve Bigg & Jonathan Stokes 6-16 Dylan Williams & Paul Brown (Wales)
Steve Ireland & Mike Robertson 7-21 Garry Hood & Kevin Wallace (Scotland)
Michelle White & Julia Howard 8-22 Rosemary Lenton & Garry Brown (Scotland)
Alison Yearling & Steve Simmons 11-7 Mary Stevenson & Robert Barr (Scotland)
Sarah Marshall & Chris Turnbull 10-11 Julie Thomas & Gordon Llewellyn (Wales)

Session Two:
Steve Bigg & Jonathan Stokes 12-15 Garry Hood & Pauline Wilson (Scotland)
Michelle White & Julia Howard 8-23 Jennie Sandford & Gill Platt
Craig Bowler & Kieran Rollings 15-9 Rob Jones & Dylan Williams
Chris Spriggs & Paul Brown (Wales) 8-12 Garry Brown & Kevin Wallace (Scotland)
Sarah Marshall & Chris Turnbull 4-13 Alison Yearling & Steve Simmons
Julie Thomas & Gordon Llewellyn (Wales) 10-11 Mary Stevenson & Robert Barr (Scotland)

Session Three:
Steve Ireland & Kieran Rollings 20-5 Rob Jones & Gordon Williams (Wales)
Sarah Marshall & Steve Simmons 12-4 Mary Stevenson & Robert Barr (Scotland)
Alison Yearling & Chris Turnbull 14-10 Julie Thomas & Gordon Llewellyn (Wales)
Michelle White & Jennie Sandford 16-7 Rosemary Lenton & Pauline Wilson (Scotland)
Steve Bigg & Mike Robertson 6-24 Garry Hood & Wallace (Scotland)
Craig Bowler & Jonathan Stokes 17-13 Chris Spriggs & Paul Brown (Wales)

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