Kings BC: A fabulous fifth in the Women’s Top Club

19th February, 2024

Kings BC, in Devon, have established themselves as a formidable force in the Women’s Top Club, with their dominance in the competition unparalleled. Securing their fifth consecutive title at the Aviva National Finals in the summer of 2023, they continued their remarkable run of etching their name in Women’s Top Club history.

Reflecting on their remarkable achievement, members Charlotte Aspinall, Lorraine Hacketts, Harriet Stevens and Sophie Tolchard of Kings BC express a mix of elation and pride, similar to winning for the very first time.

“[We felt] elated, as though it was the very first time and equally proud of a monumental achievement that no other team, men or women have achieved before.

“It is a great feeling knowing we have gone a number of rounds unbeaten over the five years but equally creates a pressure year on year!”



This monumental feat, achieved with unwavering determination, has been a display of strong team spirit and huge commitment.

“I think the key to our success is the incredibly supportive and encouraging team spirit shown by everyone. It’s a privilege to play with all the women and bringing the trophy home is an added bonus.

“All of our players are very adaptable and therefore we have the luxury of being able to pick anybody in pretty much any discipline which works well as combinations often have to change with the demands of a challenging bowls calendar.”

Preparation for the Aviva National Finals is a season-round endeavour for Kings BC. Their participation in local leagues and county team competitions ensures that they are finely tuned and well-prepared.

“All of the team play together throughout the season in local leagues and minor county team competitions which helps massively with our National Top Club campaign as the more games played together, the better prepared we are. We often end up seeing more of our team mates some weeks than we do our own family and friends.”



With the consecutive triumphs spanning five years, the evolution of the team over that time is evident in their collective growth and individual achievements.

“A lot if not all players now play for the county. It’s evident that the team is growing from strength to strength.

“We have players that have previously represented their country at international and British Isles events and have a number of current high-performance players.

“Over the last three of the five years that Kings BC has won the Top Club we have had international clashes which has meant that several of our key players have been unable to play. Team members have stepped in and up and risen to the occasion and triumphed despite the change in team and absence of such players.”

Despite facing tough opponents and navigating challenging moments during competitions, the team’s resilience and unwavering spirit have propelled them to victory time and again.

“In particular, the first round away at Plymouth Sir Francis Drake was very close,” they recall. “It was looking like we may have a tie-on disciplines/shot difference which caused a few moments of panic for us. Thankfully, our triples secured a count on the last end to secure a win.

“During the Aviva National Finals we had some very close games against Norfolk and Egham. In the quarter final against Norfolk we were a lot of shots down on the board across the disciplines but we knew there were plenty of ends left and did not panic. We stuck together and kept encouraging each other across the rinks to gain as many shots back as possible and managed to get the win.”

Looking ahead, Kings Bowls Club remains steadfast in their pursuit of excellence. “Naturally, we want to continue to be a success as we are an extremely competitive squad.

“We want to continue enjoying playing together, look forward to growing the team and club, sharing the experiences and the successes of all.”


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