New Measuring Equipment Guidance | August 2023

17th August, 2023

An Umpire’s kit is as individual as the person who owns it. However, there are a number of basic items of equipment that should be present in every kit; these are often referred to as First Choice equipment. The EBUA has always prescribed to the principle of using “first choice” equipment as defined by World Bowls. Additional gadgets, spare measures and odds and ends will be collected over time and this is why no two kits are identical. Basic kits are available to purchase from reputable suppliers and are a good starting block for new Umpires or for clubs to own.

There are several different models of measuring equipment available on the market and being used by officials in the UK and overseas.

In recent times models of Laser measure have appeared on the market. There has been a great deal of discussion about the use of Lasers and these have now been included in the EBUA Officiating Manual as an option. However, there are significant differences in the quality and tolerances between models. Documentation on this can be found on the World Bowls website here.

Please find full details on the important update in the Laws Section regarding first choice equipment, including the use of laser measures here.

For advice about umpiring and officiating, head to the EBUA (English Bowling Umpires Assocation) here.

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