We are the UK’s leading Insurance, Wealth and Retirement business. Our purpose is to be with you today, for a better tomorrow.

Core businesses
We provide wealth, retirement and insurance solutions to 18.5 million customers in our core markets.

Aviva exists to be with people when it really matters, throughout their lives
We are here for our customers when it really matters. We help them make the most of life. Because at Aviva, we understand that what you do today creates what is possible tomorrow.


A helping hand
Life is complicated. Things don’t always go to plan.

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time so we are here for people when it really matters, throughout their lives.

Count on us
Our customers don’t have to worry about the bumps in life’s road. They can count on us to help plan the journey and, if something goes wrong, we’ll be with them to put it right.

We are part of something bigger
Aviva has been taking care of people for more than 320 years. We live in the same streets and work in the same towns. We are deeply invested in our people, our customers, our communities and the planet that is our home.

Serving our customers well will let us create a lasting impact for the communities and the society in which we live.

As part of our purpose to be with you today for a better tomorrow, the Aviva Community Fund offers year-round support and quarterly funding for causes that are creating a brighter and more sustainable future.

Sustainability at Aviva
Sustainability is a fundamental part of Aviva’s strategy and integral to what we do as a business. Aviva’s Sustainability Ambition sets out our commitment to create a brighter future. This is focused on three core areas – acting on climate change, building a stronger, more resilient Britain and running ourselves as a sustainable business.

We’re leading the way on climate action
In 2021, we became the first major UK financial services company to target net zero by 2040. This plan means net zero carbon emissions from our investments by 2040; setting out a clear pathway to get there with a cut of 25% in the carbon intensity of our investments by 2025 and of 60% by 2030. And net zero carbon emissions from our own operations and supply chain by 2030.

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