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There are lots of reasons why your club will benefit from being a Bowls Bash Accredited Club.

  • New participants involved with the club and conversion to playing members
  • A new revenue stream of players paying to play Bowls Bash.
  • Increases in revenue through secondary spend in the clubhouse.
  • New links with local community groups and businesses who would come and play as a group
  • Better utilisation of facilities and interest in bowls from social members/casual visitors
  • Enhanced community reputation leading to interest from commercial partners and success with grants, through innovating to grow participation and targeting new markets.

Bowls England will support clubs who wish to deliver Bowls Bash.  To be an Accredited Club, there is a commitment to promoting Bowls Bash sessions on our Play Bowls website and undertake Bowls Bash training to deliver a positive player experience.  In return, your club will be able to access the Bowls Bash brand and use Bowls Bash resources.

Please have a look at the Bowls Bash Club Delivery Pack.  If you are interested in being considered, please complete and sign our Bowls Bash agreement you can receive a copy of this by email

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