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In a hurry?  Not a problem!  A Bowls Bash match last just an hour, and here’s a quick guide on how you play the game.

  • 2 teams of 2 – Reds and Yellows
  • 3 bowls each player per End
  • 5 Ends complete a Set
  • 2 Sets complete a Match
  • Scores 1-1, or both sets tied, a tie-break (TB) determines the winner
  • Decide which team goes first
  • Players take it in turns to deliver their bowls closest to the Jack
  • Closest bowl 3 pts, second 2 pts, third 1 pt
  • Your bowl touches the Jack (a Kiss), 2 pts bonus
  • Each team can nominate 1 Power-Play End per Set, which scores double
  • The player who scored 3 pts places the Mat and starts the next End
  • Tie-break is 1 bowl per player, nearest bowls to the Jack wins. Time to be a hero!
  • Any bowls in the Ditch do not count
  • If the Jack is knocked out of play, it returns to the Spot

If you’re new to the game, or have time to read more detail, click here.


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