England continue to impress at European Championships

24th September, 2019

The England quartet of Devon Cooper, Katherine Rednall, Andrew Walters and Tristan Morton continue to impress at the European Championships in Guernsey. Results from yesterday (Monday 23rd September) are as follows:

Men’s Pairs (Andrew Walters and Tristan Morton):
vs President’s Select (John Colley & David Weale) 11-1, 6-5;
vs Ireland (Simon Martin & Ian McClure) 8-7, 6-5;
vs Isle of Man (Mark McGreal & Clive McGreal) 14-5, 14-2

Women’s Pairs (Devon Cooper and Katherine Rednall):
vs Sweden (Kristina Akerlund & Lena Vedberg) 5-5, 8-2;
vs Jersey (Kim Gallichan & Fiona Archibald) 14-3, 8-10;
vs Scotland (Dee Hoggan & Natalie Docherty) 13-3, 7-7

Today’s schedule (Tuesday 24th September):
9.30am – Mixed Fours at Guernsey BC vs Guernsey (Todd Priaulx, Rose Ogier, Lucy Beere & Matt Le Ber)
11.45am – Mixed Fours at Guernsey BC vs Germany (Ulf Schaedel, Annett Limmer, Mirko Limmer & Jana Zapp)
2.30pm – Mixed Fours at Guernsey BC vs Isle of Man (Janice Pilling, Bernice McGreal, Clive McGreal & Mark McGreal)

The results from the European Championships are scheduled to be available at the end of each day’s play at www.europeanbowlsunion.com

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