Sutton Winson Tournament – Day One

10th August, 2019

Congratulations to the following players who have progressed to the final stages of the Sutton Winson Tournament, which will take place tomorrow at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa:

Sutton Winson Trophy
Session One: Millie Adkins (Worcestershire), Shannon Maughan (Buckinghamshire), Josh Rowe (Kent), Rebecca Fey (Surrey), Nathan Wood (Dorset), Matthew Bishop (Northumberland), Charlie Beeton (Suffolk), Joseph Vandepeer (Kent), Christopher Moore (Devon), Ella Crouch (Devon), Alasdair Williams (Cornwall), Rebecca Turner (Hertfordshire), Luke Bell (Hampshire), Millie Tuck (Dorset), Jorja Jackson (Huntingdonshire), Kieran Chambers (Leicestershire).
Session Two: Tegan Grewal (Leicestershire), Kat Bowman (Leicestershire), Alex Linter (Hampshire), Nicole Moseley (Norfolk), Antony Hobby (Dorset), Finlay Williamson (Gloucestershire), Aiden Maries (Warwickshire), Amica Fordy (Yorkshire), Joseph Justin (Oxfordshire), Jack Bunting (Hertfordshire), Emma Muir (Northamptonshire), Maddie Burgess (Worcestershire), Ben Bywater (Derbyshire), Rhianna Russell (Hertfordshire), Oliver Sloan (Nottinghamshire), James Powell (Kent).

Sutton Winson Plate
Session One: Ellie Last (Suffolk) and Maesi Ramsay (Sussex); Olivia Moulton (Kent) and Ewan Thick (Buckinghamshire); Connor Joyce (Dorset) and Harry Atkin (Leicestershire); Finlow Hunt (Worcestershire) and Jamie Elliott (Buckinghamshire); Aqua-Marie Griffiths (Worcestershire) and Calum Rankine-McIntosh (Dorset); Oliver Collins (Somerset) and Daniel Agar (Yorkshire); Hugo Manuel (Surrey) and Reece Graham (Hampshire); Dylan Martin (Hertfordshire) and Sam Andrews (Hertfordshire).
Session Two:George Hopper (Surrey) and Luke Fisher (Devon); Jamie Wood (Dorset) and Harvey Griffiths (Worcestershire); Jamie Day (Somerset) and Alice Atkin (Leicestershire); Alexandra Rowe (Kent) and Oliver Kenway (Dorset); Liam Cockwell (Dorset) and Ellie Payne (Surrey); Izzie White (Worcestershire) and Catherine Solway (Dorset); Oliver Stonehill (Surrey) and Harvey Whitmack (Buckinghamshire); Isaac Jenner (Kent) and Daniel Moulton (Kent)

Full results from the group stages of the Sutton Winson Tournament can be viewed here

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