Men’s Junior Pairs Championship – Results

7th August, 2019

The opening stages of the Men’s Junior Pairs Championship, supported by Viv Tomlinson, were held today at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.



Preliminary Round:

Hertfordshire (T Muir) bt Cumbria (D Wilson) 14-10;

Huntingdonshire (E Elmore) bt Durham (M Gleeson) 21-14;


First Round:

Devon (H Goodwin) bt Leicestershire (T May) 18-11;

Suffolk (K Leeks) bt Warwickshire (A Smith) 15-14;

Norfolk (J Larter) bt Nottinghamshire (T Towle) 19-10;

Bedfordshire (C Hart) bt Derbyshire (B Bywater) 23-14;

Gloucestershire (J Williams) bt Sussex (J Till) 21-4;

Kent (I Jenner) bt Lancashire (A Booth-Young) 19-16;

Lincolnshire (J Philpott) bt Worcestershire (W Heming) 18-7;

Somerset (A Sparey) bt Buckinghamshire (G Reid) 16-14;

Oxfordshire (J Glenn) bt Yorkshire (E Fordy) 26-9;

Northamptonshire (C Cinato) bt Herefordshire (T Holmes) 21-6;

Essex (J Butcher) bt Cambridgeshire (J Barker) 18-11;

Dorset (O Thake) bt Berkshire (BJ Byles) 20-19;

Surrey (E Harding) bt Wiltshire (M Titcombe) 16-14;

Cornwall (A Williams) bt Northumberland (J Minto) 19-9;

Middlesex (G Adams) bt Hampshire (D Smith) 14-10;

Hertfordshire (T Muir) bt Huntingdonshire (E Elmore) 22-7;


Second Round:

Devon (H Goodwin) bt Suffolk (K Leeks) 18-16;

Bedfordshire (C Hart) bt Norfolk (J Larter) 17-12;

Kent (I Jenner) bt Gloucestershire (J Williams) 20-7;

Lincolnshire (J Philpott) bt Somerset (A Sparey) 18-11;

Northamptonshire (C Cinato) bt Oxfordshire (J Glenn) 26-9;

Essex (J Butcher) bt Dorset (O Thake) 22-3;

Cornwall (A Williams) bt Surrey (E Harding) 20-13;

Middlesex (G Adams) bt Hertfordshire (T Muir) 23-11;


Official photographs can be viewed and purchased at:

Entry to the championships is free of charge. Chargeable parking is available in Victoria Park and in nearby town centre car parks. The Tournament Office will be open daily from 8.30am until close of play. Should you have any queries related to the National Championships please telephone 07444 272672.

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