Women’s Senior International Trial

4th September, 2019

The following players are invited to attend the Women’s Senior International Trial on Saturday 21st September 2019 at Nuneaton Bowls Club, 112A Higham Lane, Nuneaton CV11 6AX.

Please arrive by 10am for a 10.30am start.

In alphabetical order:
Stef Branfield (Somerset); Natalie Chestney (Devon); Michelle Coleman (Huntingdonshire); Emma Cooper (Devon); Penny Cresswell (Dorset); Annalisa Dunham (Lincolnshire); Ellen Falkner (Cambridgeshire); Emily Ferguson (Kent); Victoria Forster (Cumbria); Amy Gowshall (Lincolnshire); Lorraine Hackett (Devon); Katherine Hawes (Oxfordshire); Kirsty Hembrow (Somerset); Laura Holden (Somerset); Sian Honnor (Kent); Imogen Jenner (Kent); Wendy King (Kent); Lorraine Kuhler (Sussex); Kirsty Richards (Warwickshire); Nicole Rogers (Hampshire); Vicky Room (Buckinghamshire); Debbie Seward (Surrey); Margaret Smith (Surrey); Debbie Souter (Surrey); Penny Strong (Lincolnshire); Sophie Tolchard (Devon); Chelsea Tomlin (Lincolnshire); Rachel Tremlett (Hertfordshire); Amy Walters (Worcestershire); Rebecca Wigfield (Northamptonshire); Rebecca Willgress (Norfolk); Jamie-Lea Winch (Leicestershire)

Travelling Reserves:
Amy Banes (Kent); Jessica Eley (Hertfordshire)

Non Travelling Reserves:
Bridget Hodder (Dorset); Michelle Moore (Cornwall)

Please note that whilst the following players are unavailable for the Senior International Trial, the Selection Committee reserves the right to consider them for selection:
Devon Cooper (Hertfordshire); Katherine Rednall (Norfolk); Harriet Stevens (Devon)

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